Rules and Regulations about General Discipline for the Students

  1. Punctuality and consistent attendance are crucial. Students who were absent the previous day must provide an explanation note through the ‘Record of Non-attendance’ page in the almanac without exception. In case of illness, a Medical Certificate should also be submitted. Students anticipating a late arrival home after school due to personal reasons must notify their parents/guardians in advance.
  2. Access to school premises is prohibited before 7:30 a.m. Late arrivals will only be allowed between 7:50 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., and limited to three times a month. A minimum attendance of 75% is mandatory to qualify for examinations.
  3. Students must come to school in a well-kept uniform with polished shoes. Hair should be trimmed, and nails must be regularly cut. Girls with long hair should have plaits, and skirts should be knee-length. Use of school phones without permission is not allowed.
  4. Respecting school property and belongings is imperative. In case of collective damage to school property in a classroom, the entire class will bear the cost. Maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings is crucial, with waste papers properly disposed of.
  5. Students cannot leave the class without a pass and teacher’s permission. When moving between classes and using staircases, everyone must keep to the left to avoid disruption. Speaking in a decent and courteous manner at all times is expected.
  6. Carrying the school identity card daily is mandatory. Students should bring the required books according to the timetable and are not allowed to receive private tuitions from school teachers.
  7. All communications in the school almanac must be acknowledged by the parent/guardian. During examinations, honesty is paramount. While English may be a second language, it is also a medium of instruction. To enhance spoken English proficiency, all students must converse in English at school and, as much as possible, at home.
  8. Students should show courtesy and respect to all staff members, uphold the school’s name and honor, and report any incidents of bullying or ragging to teachers promptly. Cheering and clapping are allowed on the playground at appropriate times.

Rules and Regulations about Prohibited Behaviour of the Students

  1. Irregular attendance, unexplained or unjustified absences, habitual tardiness, unauthorized departure from school premises, disobedience, and any form of unruly or objectionable behavior.
  2. Engaging in activities such as writing, scratching, engraving graffiti, drawing, splashing ink, or defacing school walls, furniture, and property.
  3. Affixing stickers and posters of any kind on school property.
  4. Using foul and unparliamentary language.
  5. Neglecting homework, disobedience, showing disrespect towards staff members, or exerting a negative moral influence.
  6. Purchasing food items from street vendors.
  7. Resorting to unfair means during examinations.
  8. Creating noise, talking loudly, shouting, jeering, hacking, booing, name-calling, making cat calls, hissing, mocking, and whistling at any time.
  9. Participating in incidents of bullying and ragging.
  10. Being in restricted areas, the ground, empty classrooms, secluded areas, or behind buildings during class without permission.
  11. Collecting money, contributions, and donations without the written permission of the Principal.
  12. Smoking in and around the campus.

Rules for Prohibited Items in the Institute

Students are strictly instructed to avoid from prohibited items inside the educational institute and must follow the given rules.

  1. Trinkets, jewelry, henna, or tattoos.
  2. Objectionable literature or high-value items.
  3. Cell phones, iPods, CDs, DVDs, e-games, pen drives, cameras, music players, obscene materials, etc.
  4. Firecrackers, fireworks, firearms, and any other flammable materials.
  5. Gifts of any kind intended for distribution in school, including those for birthdays.
  6. Toys, any hazardous instruments, tobacco products, alcoholic drinks, chewing gum, and banned food items.

Rules for Parents

All our considerations prioritize the child’s safety, well-being, and quality education. All rules have been formulated with these aspects in mind.


  1. Students are not allowed to be summoned to the school office to attend phone calls during school hours.
  2. Parents are urged not to insist on teachers providing private tuitions to their children, as it is not allowed.
  3. Parents must fill out the scholar’s personal record and medical history in duplicate and submit it to the class teacher on the first working day.
  4. The pupil’s Diary is provided to keep parents informed about their child’s day-to-day progress, assignments, and to facilitate communication with teachers.
  5. Parents should check the Diary daily and ensure that their child completes assignments regularly. If there is any change in address or telephone number, parents should inform the class teacher, and the changes should be recorded in the diary.
  6. Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter classrooms to meet their children or schedule unscheduled interviews with teachers during school hours.
  7. Polythene bags are prohibited in the school.
  8. Any communication from parents to the school should be on A-4 sheets and addressed to the Principal.
  9. Parents are encouraged to visit the school website/Integral Web School regularly for updates, especially for non-scheduled holidays. Half-days and short leaves are not granted to students.

Rules for Leaves or Absentees

  1. A student is required to obtain prior permission from the Principal before being absent. A leave application must be submitted for this purpose.
  2. In the event of a student’s absence from school, whether due to illness or an emergency, even if it’s just for one day, the parent is obligated to complete the ‘Non-Attendance Record’ located in the school almanac.
  3. If the leave extends beyond three days, a formal leave application must be submitted by the student.
  4. Both the leave application and the leave record should bear the signature of the parents or guardians.
  5. Leave will not be sanctioned on the reopening or closing day of a term.

Rules for Dresses and Appearance

  1. Students are required to attend school in the correct school uniform, ensuring that it is well-maintained, clean, and neatly ironed.
  2. Maintaining personal cleanliness, hygiene, and neatness is essential at all times. Hair should be neatly cut, pinned, plaited, and combed. Nails must be kept short and clean. Boys are expected to maintain a neat and trimmed hairstyle, with no allowance for fancy or colored hair.
  3. Non-compliance may lead to the student receiving two warnings recorded in the handbook, and subsequent failure to adhere may result in being sent home.
  4. Students are prohibited from wearing expensive or elaborate accessories such as watches, chains, earrings, belts, etc. Primary students are not permitted to wear watches.
  5. Students are not allowed to color, spike, or gel their hair, wear nail polish, tattoos, or any henna designs. Fancy hairstyles are also not permitted.
  6. The shirt must be fully buttoned.

Rules for School Property

  1. It is imperative to maintain cleanliness in the school at all times. Litter should be appropriately disposed of in the designated dustbins.
  2. Students are responsible for the upkeep of school property. Any form of scratching, writing, or drawing on school furniture or walls is strictly prohibited.
  3. Any accidental damage must be promptly reported to the class teacher. Students who deliberately cause damage to school property are required to rectify the harm they have caused.

Rules for Celebration of Birthdays

  1. On birthdays, students are allowed to wear festive attire and share common chocolates/sweets with their classmates and teachers. However, they should refrain from entering or disrupting other classes for these celebrations.
  2. Notably, the distribution of extravagant gifts/sweets and the organization of class parties are not permitted in this context.

Rules for Staff Tuition Policy

  1. Teachers at the school are prohibited from providing tuition to any student whom they directly instruct in their classes.

Rules for Staff Gift Policy

  1. Parents are kindly requested not to present gifts to individual teachers or non-teaching staff for any occasion.

Rules After-School

  1. No student is allowed to attend school on Saturdays/holidays unless they have received written permission from a teacher. Students attending practices on Saturdays/holidays must be in school uniform.
  2. Parents are strongly urged to pick up their child/ward promptly when the school day ends. It’s important to note that the school is not responsible for any incidents occurring after school hours, unless the student has been specifically called by teachers with a written note to that effect.